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Studio Willy Rizzo

12 July, 2021

A genius photographer and designer
Born in Naples in 1928, Willy Rizzo began his career as a photographer in Paris at a very young age, at the age of just 14. A great photographer of personalities, fashion and major reports, he is exhibited all over the world. But it was 26 years later, in 1968, that his career as a designer began, initially for his personal needs. The artist began to design his own furniture, then, following numerous commissions, created his studio in 1970 and launched his points of sale all over the world. Imagination and strong modern style define his unique work and make him an icon in the art world.

An iconic and timeless style
What prompted the artist to create his own furniture in the 1970s was the overly uncomfortable and unassuming side of Scandinavian furniture of the period. He then decides to create furniture with a modern and luxurious style that resembles his lifestyle, and which blends in very well with his environment by combining the useful with the pleasant. It is in fact Willy Rizzo who is behind the famous revolving circular coffee table with integrated bottle holder: "Willy liked his furniture to blend into the decor of his life. For example, he said he loved lamps because they set up a mysterious atmosphere, between shadow and light, conducive to flirtation, "explains Dominique Rizzo, the artist's wife.

Continue to bring the artist's work to life
Since the artist's death in 2013, it is his wife, Dominique Rizzo, who has taken over the management of Studio Willy Rizzo with their three children. Every month, she travels to Rome and continues to visit the craftsmen who take care of the manufacture of the designer furniture: “We have been working with the same craftsmen from father to son since the 1970s. And ever since Willy left , nothing has changed on that side. I want his work to be perpetuated as much as possible, always with the same precision and the same quality in the design of the furniture, in order to honor his work ", explains Dominique Rizzo.

To purchase iconic pieces by Willy Rizzo or simply discover the artist's work, go to 12 rue de Verneuil in the 7th arrondissement, or on the Studio Willy Rizzo website.

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